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The voice of a leader

To play the leadership role, it is not how much soft or hard you are telling in voice, rather it is how much you are telling in heart & soul. The essence of leadership is to make the follower to follow to the destination made by the leader. The followers will create and will go on according to the leading of the leader when they feel the proximity toward the leader. In this sense, proximity is like the water versus fish. So to say, the leadership is totally the inner control of a person over another person or schools of person. The intimate love & belongingness of the leader will determine the perpetual walk up to reside & survive in the mind of the follower. The beauty of the leader is the strict guidance of the discipline; on the other hand, the rude of a dictator is the strict command of the disciple.


Your sales forces are the job customer of you as you are a sales leader

What is the job of a sales leader? If we freshly tell to the answer, it would be to serve the subordinate sales forces. Literally it is obvious; however, we never ever feel the real truth. Actually we have to act of serving accordingly to that reality of being a servant of those whom you really feel them the servant. So this is to be changing of the mind map we really are to occupy & conquer the realm of power inherent in you through the better fight out against the competitor company. So the work of a sales leader is to target the arrow to the desired points and unleash the arrow to the target points. In that sense, your sales forces are your arrow to be set off toward the right & desired points of target to be hit off. And finally you have to decide & finalize on your desired target working behind the sales forces like the arrow!

Praying for the noble deed of the leader

The leaders are the directing the followers to the right changes for the well being of the community & culture. It’s sometimes noticing that leader may be misleading by his evils mind or the misleading mind. It the followers who are the right thinkers to think that what are they coming from where? And what do they want to go? Is it the leader who will find the ways out to go? Is it the leader who is seeking the right ideology to set the goals? Or the followers should be the dark followers? The followers should ask by themselves in minds whether they have got to get into ignite & propel by the engine of souls which are fueled by the flash of fire extracted from the cultures which are cultivated from the thousands of years or more!
It’s imperative for the followers to pray to ALLAH for the leaders not to lead them to the decadence of death.

The goals of a leader

The leaders born at a time when the times are brewing for the right events to happen, but the outcomes of the vision of a leader begets the timeless continuity for the posterity. The leaders born in culture; the cultural values cannot be created or imposed. Sometimes the demise of a leader is imminent when the leader ignores the culture he has made up of; and the leaders try to import or impose the foreign culture—it is like that he wants to grow the apple in the remote village of Bangladesh where he born. However, the leader cannot ignore the natural rule of a culture; rather should learn & accept the essence of culture to revamp the goals of the leadership.

The happiness of the sales leader denotes the happiness & success of the sales team

The sales leader should handle the sales forces like the skin touch or touch pad in every aspects of verbal or nonverbal communications. To my mind, it is more complicated to converse or diverse the retina or pupil of mind to the focal points to be attending the matter of thoughts to be addressed the sales success. It’s the one point demand of the sales forces to be happy or not to be happy with the sales leaders. So change the spots or slides like the skin touch display boards to make the sales forces visualize their success stories much ahead of the launching periods of the sales situations.
However, it is the leader’s turn at the first place to be happy first. Otherwise it will conversely contaminate to the entire sales forces. The happiness of the sales leader means the complete & entire happiness in terms of the family & love life, social & religious life, ecological & physiological life; intricate & touchy mind & soul to live in—in all aspects are regulated & controlled by the sales leader him or her; most or many of the times these are beyond the control or unpredictable, however, should be stirred up in the right convulsion of mind or soul.

Be the team player in your sales team as a sales leader

The collaborative role in demanding to the primary formation or the successful transformation of your sales forces as the great sales team, the sales leader must be a simple & single team player in the first place. By bond, we are to enjoy the freedom in every sphere of life. So, don’t treat your sales forces as the subordinates or underdog, rather, you had better wish them as a team mate as the social being. You the sales leader think that your sales forces are occupied by the allied forces where as you are the commander in chief. So you let them fight like a tiger as their best efforts to love them and let them survive by their own & sole efforts according to the predesigned set-guidance made by you aiming at the best team acceptance to the achievement of the sales goals. The best sales leader ties his/her sales team considering the multi-faceted local cultural-settings to make them united in the unilateral national sales culture. Of course the nation building theme role must be tuned to every single soul of the team.
After having the cultural-set, the sales leader thinks of the mind-set & skills set simultaneously. Now the sales leader will think of the every member to be the best presenter in the interface of the team-winning. It’s the great sales leader who will visualize the win of the team in the integrated whole as the holistic role and will ensure the trust & proximity to act according to the demand of the sales leader, rather not to command like the Heatlers.