Building our Leadership skills… You took it the wrong way!


In the middle of writing another post I started to write about this topic, and realized that it deserved it’s own post. The question is this…

If you are talking to someone, and your intention is to, in a relatively soft way, ask them to think about changing some behavior… and they take it as harsh criticism… who is at fault?

Who is responsible for how communication is heard?

My money is on you saying ‘they took me the wrong way’. If you listen to the people around you speak, that is definitely what you will hear when something like this happens. Someone’s feelings are hurt, and the person who did the ‘hurting’ will state that the other person took them, or what they said, the wrong way. “I didn’t mean to say that”! or “That’s not what I said”! Followed by “they took it the wrong way”.

I’m here…

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