4 Behaviors You Don’t Want To Have In A Leadership Position

Rocci Stucci

We all have our own perceptions of what “effective” leadership looks like, so trying to define what is right to hundreds or thousands of people would be an effort in futility — like asking your boss for a raise after making fun of his new haircut.

A Google search of leadership yields 159,000,000 results. Try boiling that down into a shared definition of what leadership means and your life, as you know it, will be over.

But if we flip this construct on its head, I am willing to bet that there are non-desirable leadership behaviors we could all agree on; behaviors that simply do not create value for people.

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Try this exercise. Make a list of eight leadership behaviors that you would not want to see, and then compare your top four to mine below:

1. Complaining. Not cool. I remember something…

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